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Valued customer,

We are back and better. Since our original launch in 2016, Highgrade Brands ™ has made major changes to improve upon our products and services in order to elevate the game. While we were away we acquired a new facility, created a diverse team which includes some top tier food scientists, and changed the overall business model. We were founded on faith, prosperity and lifestyle we look forward to continuing those traditions.

Please allow me to re-introduce you to Highgrade Brands ™ , the first cannabis syrup enhancer in the Colorado market made to fit the way you live. These small-batch, handmade syrups can be enjoyed alone or paired with your favorite beverage or dish due to its smooth texture. Our high-quality syrups are packaged in glass bottles to preserve integrity and are gluten-free and vegan. Sweet and soothing, Highgrade Brands ™  syrup enhancers are scientifically crafted to take you higher. 

Highgrade Brands ™ will be uniquely distributed by The Commission Cartel, a sales and distribution provider, that takes full service support to a whole new height. 

We hope you are intrigued and would like a sample of our service and first product back in the market.