Our custom flavor profile is designed to enhance the Aroma of our beverage additive. The variety of fruity flavors we offer pair wonderfully with the taste profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. We provide our consumers with the perfect combination of FLAVOR, TERPENES, and THC to offer a one of kind experience when enhancing anything you dare to.


We purposefully structured the texture of our syrup to be elastic, thick, and juicy! This texture perfectly homogenizes into whatever beverage or recipe you want to enhance. Our quality CO2 Oil is infused deeply into the thickness of the syrup, allowing you to experience euphoria and flavor in every single sip you indulge.




Consuming our HIGH GRADE BRANDS THC SYRUP can take 15-20 Minutes to take effect. Why so quick? Absorbing THC and other cannabinoids through oral consumption can be one of the most efficient and effective routes to indulge. When enjoying THC SYRUP, you will absorb THC through the mucosal lining in your mouth and the oral cavity; this is known as Sublingual Absorption. The texture of our THC SYRUP will fill your entire mouth with cannabinoids, allowing your tongue and under your tongue to absorb THC and begin to enter your mind and body into an euphoric experience. The THC SYRUP will then start to break down and pass through the gastrointestinal tract and liver before it enters your bloodstream.



Carbon Dioxide extraction is known to be the purest form to achieve concentrated oil. CO2 is a natural and organic compound which allows us to infuse the PUREST, NON-TOXIC, NON-METAL, NON-ADDIDTIVE cannabis oil into our THC SYRUP. We keep the terpenes in our CO2 Oil to allow the aroma and taste of cannabis to influence the euphoric experience that is taking place in your body.

Glass Packaging Vs.Plastic Packaging:


Cannabis can absorb a lot of things… the chemicals in plastic isn’t one we are interested in our THC SYRUP absorbing. We choose glass packaging for reasons that are safe for the consumer, safe for shelf stability and storage, and better for our environment. Cannabinoids love glass, and they are more importantly safe when sitting for a short or long period of time in the packaging.

Our mission is to expand the approach that consumers have towards cannabis by offering an innovative opportunity to enhance any beverage or recipe of your choice with a sweet yet savory syrup infused with pure cannabis Co2 Oil.